Krystal Steps


Our Products

We specialize with Glass stairs and Glass railing but we also work with stainless steel for balusters, railing, handles and accessories. We work best if you already have an existing design we can look at or have clear preference for what materials you want.

Payment Method

For relatively small projects, we usually employ a 50% down payment and 50% upon completion approach. For bigger projects, we do down payment and progress billing. This is up for discussion so both parties can clarify the best course of action.


We provide a 1 year service warranty and 1 year for parts assuming they are factory defects and not physical damage caused by abuse, misuse, or anything along those lines. Broken glass is also not covered.


We fabricate glass designs, specializing in Stairs and Railing but we also work with other materials and on other things such as windows, doors, enclosures, etc...


We take care of delivery and we deliver all over the Philippines, please note that projects far from our location receive added fees.


We install our fabricated materials and we suggest being one of the last to install our items to prevent dirt and damage. That being said, it is best to involve us early (usually before final painting and "finishing") because in some cases we need to break down some parts of concrete stairs or flooring and we do not fix masonry.